Tally Shortcuts in Tally Prime

S no Action Key Where Does It Work
1 GO TO Alt + G Across TallyPrime
2 Switch To Ctrl + G Across TallyPrime
3 Company Menu Alt + K Across TallyPrime
4 Manage Company Data Alt + Y Across TallyPrime
5 Exchange Company Data Alt + Z Across TallyPrime
6 Import Feature of the Company Alt + O Across TallyPrime
7 Export Alt + E Across TallyPrime
8 Email Alt + M Across TallyPrime
9 Print Alt + P Across TallyPrime
10 To open Contra voucher F4 Accounting Vouchers
11 To open Payment voucher F5 Accounting Vouchers
12 To open Receipt voucher F6 Accounting Vouchers
13 To open Journal voucher F7 Accounting Vouchers
14 To open Stock Journal voucher Alt+F7 Inventory Vouchers
15 To open Physical Stock Ctrl+F7 Inventory Vouchers
16 To open Sales voucher F8 Accounting Vouchers
17 To open Delivery Note Alt+F8 Inventory Vouchers
18 To open Sales Order Ctrl+F8 Order Vouchers
19 To open Purchase voucher F9 Accounting Vouchers
20 To view list of all vouchers F10 Vouchers
21 To open Receipt Note Alt+F9 Inventory Vouchers
22 To open Purchase Order Ctrl+F9 Accounting Vouchers
23 To open Credit Note Alt+F6 Accounting Vouchers
24 To open Debit Note Ctrl+F4 Payroll Vouchers
25 To open Payroll voucher Ctrl+F4 Accounting Vouchers
26 To open Rejection In voucher Ctrl+F6 Inventory Vouchers
27 To open Rejection Out voucher Ctrl+F5 Inventory Vouchers
28 To open the calculator panel from Amount field Alt+C Hidden key
29 To mark a voucher as Post-Dated Ctrl+T Right button
30 To delete a voucher/transaction Alt+D Hidden key
31 To autofill details Ctrl+F Right button
32 To change mode -open vouchers in different modes Ctrl+H Right button
33 To open the Stock Query report for the selected stock item Alt+S Right button
34 To mark a voucher as Optional Ctrl+L Right button
35 To go to the next input field Tab Masters & Vouchers
36 To go to the previous input field Shift+Tab Masters & Vouchers
37 To remove the value typed Backspace Masters & Vouchers
38 To create a master, Alt+C Masters & Vouchers
39 To open the calculator pane Alt+C In number column
40 To insert the base currency symbol in an input field Alt+4 , Ctrl+4 Masters & Vouchers
41 To open the previously saved master or voucher Page Up Masters & Vouchers
42 To open the next master or voucher Page Down Masters & Vouchers
43 To copy text from an input field Ctrl+C , Ctrl+Alt+C Masters & Vouchers
44 To paste input copied from a text field. Ctrl+V , Ctrl+Alt+V Masters & Vouchers
45 To insert a voucher in a report Alt+I Masters & Vouchers
46 To drill down from a line in a report Enter Reports
47 To delete an entry from a report Alt+D Reports
48 To add a voucher in a report Alt+A Reports
49 To expand or collapse information in a report Shift+Enter Reports
50 To alter a master during voucher entry or from drill-down of a repor Ctrl+Enter Reports
51 To view the report in detailed or condensed format Alt+F1, Alt+F5 Reports
52 To select/deselect a line in a report Space bar Reports
53 To select or deselect a line in a report Shift+Space bar Reports
54 To select or deselect all lines in a report Ctrl+Space bar Reports
55 To select or deselect lines till the end Ctrl+Shift+End Reports
56 To select or deselect lines till the top Ctrl+Shift+Home Reports
57 To invert selection of line items in a report Ctrl+Alt+I Reports
58 To open the GST Portal Alt+V Statutory Reports
59 To open the GST Portal Alt+C Reports
60 To alter a column Alt+A Reports
61 To delete a column Alt+D Reports
62 To filter data in a report, with a selected range of conditions Alt+F12 Reports
63 To views values in different ways in a report Ctrl+B Reports
64 To change view-display report details in different views Ctrl+H Reports
65 To view the exceptions related to a report Ctrl+J Reports