Group and Ledger in Tally Prime

Ledger account is a summary statement of all the transactions relating to a person, asset, liability, expense or income. the transactions recorded in the journal, the ledger account is prepared. It is a book which contains all sets of accounts, namely, personal, real and nominal accounts. Account balance can be determined from the ledger. It contains a classified and permanent record of all the transactions of a business.

Example: Office expenses, Purchase, Machinery, Ravi, bank loan etc..

Note: Cash, profit/loss are default ledgers in tally.


The group is a collection of ledgers of the same natures.

Tally software automatically creates 28 groups.

  • Primary Group
  • Sub Group

Primary Group

Group Name Example Ledger
Capital Accounts Share capital, Joes capital
Loan Liabilities Bank loan, loan received from any party
Current Liabilities Payables, outstanding amounts
Current Assets Receivables, Prepaid amounts
Fixed Assets Machinery, Factory, Land & buildings
Investments Investing on shares, any investment names
Sales Accounts Credit sales, sales returns
Purchase Accounts Credit purchase, purchase returns
Suspense Account Suspense ledger
Direct Expenses Wages, Import duty, all purchase & manufacturing expenses
Indirect Expenses Office expenses, selling expenses & financial expenses
Misc.Expenses Development expenses, advertisement expenses,
Direct Income Income earned from the sale of goods and services
Indirect Income Earned by way of Non-business activities (Interest received, discounts)
Branch / Division This maintains ledger accounts of all your company's branches, divisions, affiliates, sister concerns, subsidiaries and so on.

Sub Group

Group Name Example Ledger
Sundry Creditors Purchase party name or supplier name
Sundry Debtors Sales party name or customer name
Provision Provision for doubtful debts, Provision for tax
Cash in hand Liquid cash in company
Duties & Taxes Service tax, CGST, IGST,SGST
Deposit(asset) Fixed deposits
Bank Accounts Indian bank, SBI bank (any bank name)
Loans & Advance (Assets) Salary advance, loans to partner
Bank OD & OCC Account Bank OD, bank OCC
Secured Loans Car loan, Home loan
Unsecured Loans Credit cards, student loan
Stock in hand Opening stock, closing stock
Reserves & Surplus General Reserves , Capital Reserves (Funds set aside to pay future obligations )

Group and Ledger

Ledger Name Group Name
Any bank name Bank Account
Cash at bank
Ex: Indian bank. ICICI bank
Bank O/D Bank O/D (Over Draft)
Bank OCC Bank OCC (On Cash Credit or Over Cash credit)
Any branch name Branch/Divisions
Ex: Branch fund, Branch stock
Any capital nameCapital A/c
Ex: Reliance capital, Ravi capital Drawings (Dr)
Cash or cash in hand (Default)Cash-in-hand
Bill receivableCurrent assets
Prepaid Expenses
Accrued interest
Petty cash
Accounts receivable
Live in stock
Sports equipment
Raw materials
Security deposit (Dr)
Bills payableCurrent liabilities
Unpaid expenses
Condign liability
Bonus payable
Royalty payable
Outstanding expenses
Salary due
Commission received in advance
Security deposit (Cr)
Accounts payable
Provident fund
Proposed dividend
Any deposit nameDeposit (Assets
Ex: Bank deposit, Fixed deposit
WagesDirect Expenses
Fright charges
Factory rent
Inward charges
Carriage inward charges
Import duty
Gas & fuel & power
Royalty on production
Factory lighting
Any factory Expenses
It is not possibleDirect income
Sales tax Duties & Taxes
Service tax
Surcharges on tax
Excise duty
Plant & machinery Plant
Land & building
Motor van & car & bike
Furniture & fittings
Electric fan
Loose tools
Free hold property
Lease hold property
Good will
Office expense Indirect expense
Bank charges
Rent , rates
Printing & stationery
Postage & telegram
Telephone charges
Legal charges
Audit fee
General expenses
Interest on capital
Interest on loan
Discount allowed
Discount on bill
Advertisement charges
Traveling expenses
Bad Debit
Bad and doubtful debts
Discount on debtors
Fright outward
Godown rent
Carriage outward
Agent commission
Export expenses
Repair chares
Maintenance charges
Trade expense
Interest received Indirect income
Dividend received
Discount received
Commission received
Rent received
Income on investment
Interest on debentures
Miscellaneous revenue
Interest on
revenue Interest on
Drawing Sundry
Bad debit recovered
Investing on shares Investment
Capital of partnership firm
Any investment name
Loan issued to customersLoans and advance (Assets)
Employees, Advance paid
Bank loan Loan (liability) or Secured loan
loan (liability)
loan received from any party’s
secured loan, debentures
Preliminary Expenses Misc. Expenses (Assets)
Misc. Expenses
Development exp
Any Provision name Provisions
Provision for Bad debit
Provision for Depreciation
Provision for Tax
Cash purchasePurchase Account
Credit purchase
Purchase return (Cr)
Reserve fund Reserves & surplus
Reserves & surplus
Reserve for bad debit
Cash salesSales Account
Credit sales
Sales return (Dr)
Purchase party name Sundry creditor
Suppliers name
Sales party name (OR) Customer nameSundry Debtors
Suspense A/cSuspense A/c
Bank loan (un secured loan)Unsecured loan
Stock in hand, Opening stockStock in Hand