Accounting Voucher Entry in Tally Prime

  • Payment Voucher-F5
  • Receipt Voucher-F6
  • Contra Voucher-F4
  • Journal Voucher-F7
  • Sales Voucher-F8
  • Purchase Voucher-F9
  • Credit Note Voucher-Alt+F6
  • Debit Note Voucher-Alt+F5
  • Stock journal–Alt+F7
  • Physical stock–Alt+F10

Debit Note

Click Other Voucher->Credit Note Voucher (or) Debit Note Voucher (or) Stock journal (or) Physical stock

Debit Note

TO Check the Profit and Loss (or) Balance Sheet


Profit and Loss


Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet

Sample Sum

KVB Bank150000
Bills payable100000
Prepaid expenses25000
Unpaid expenses50000
Bank loan120000
Sundry Creditors
M/s. ANU ENTERPRISES was Rs.30000 Date: 28.03.2011 bill no: 21 (40days)
Sundry Debtors
M/s.RIYAS & CO was Rs. 25000 Date: 18.03.2011 bill no: 010 (35days)

Transaction During The Period

Apr 05 Paid Telephone Charges Rs.2000
Apr 10 Received Commission Rs.30000
Apr 23 An account paid to M/s.ANU ENTERPRISES was Rs.15000 part settlement against bill no:21
May 01 Purchase goods from M/s.A.P COMPUTERS was Rs.50000 bill no:30 25days
May 13 Depreciation of Machinery @ 10%
May 19 Cash withdraw from bank Rs.10000
May 27 Bank O/D Received Rs.200000
June 08 Bank Loan Received Rs.200000
June 29 Paid Wages Rs.1500
July 06 Good sold on credit to M/s.SARASWATHI PRINTERS was Rs.90000 bill no:01
July 25 Paid Fright Charges Rs.500
Aug 01 We return to M/s.A.P COMPUTERS was Rs.5000 against bill no:30
Aug 24 Dividend received Rs.30000
Sep 08 Paid salary Rs.5000
Sep 12 Paid Printing & Stationery Rs.300
Oct 05 Amount received from M/s.RIYAS & CO was Rs.20000 against bill:010 and discount allowed to Rs.1000 balance amount Bad debit written off