Bank Reconciliation Statement in Tally Prime

The Bank Reconciliation option in the Banking menu enables you to reconcile bank accounts. You can access bank reconciliation to print or configure the reconciliation statements, according to your requirements.

With Bank Reconciliation, you can :

  • Create vouchers from the Bank Reconciliation screen itself.
  • Provide opening BRS for unreconciled transactions.

Accessing Bank Reconciliation

1. Go to Gateway of Tally prime> Go to > Bank Reconciliation.

Bank Reconciliation

2. Select the required Bank account from the List of Bank and press Enter . The Bank Reconciliation screen of the selected Bank appears. By default the details in the Bank Reconciliation screen are sorted based on Bank Date (if bank date is already specified for the transaction). Or else, such sorting will be based on the Instrument Date .

Bank Reconciliation Indian


By default, the screen displays the period range from date specified in the Effective Date for Reconciliation in the Bank ledger master till the date of last entry.
The Bank Date has be to be provided based on the Instrument Date and not on Voucher Date.

Button Options in Bank Reconciliation screen

  • F2: Period : Press F2 key or click F2: Period to specify a period for which the Bank Reconciliation screen is to be displayed.
  • S : Set Bank Dates : To set a bank date for all the transactions for reconciliation, click S: Set Bank Dates button or press Alt+S key. The Set Bank Date sub-screen appears as shown:
  • Instrument Date: On selecting Instrument Date as the Bank Date Type , the Bank Date field for all the transactions in the Bank Reconciliation screen is filled with the instrument date entered for that transaction in the Bank Allocations screen.
Set Bank Date
  • Specify the required bank date that is to be filled for all the transactions in the Bank Reconciliation screen.
  • Voucher Date : . F2 On selecting Voucher Date as the Bank Date Type , the Bank Date field for all the transactions in the Bank Reconciliation screen is filled with the Date of Voucher .
  • C : Create Voucher : Press Alt+C key or click C : Create Voucher to create a voucher from the Bank Reconciliation screen itself.
  • U : Opening BRS : Click this button to provide opening BRS to the unreconciled transactions. The Opening Bank Allocation screen for the selected Bank appears as shown:

Balance Date
  • Provide the unreconciled transaction details based on the nature of transactions (Deposit/Withdrawal) as shown:
  • Provide the date of the realised transactions (the amount reflecting in the bank passbook) in the Bank Date field provided.
  • Save the Bank Reconciliation screen.
Capital 350000
Cash 100000
Indian bank 300000
Loan liability 150000
Bank O/d 48000
Furniture 30000
Good will 15000
Bills payable 200000
Land & building 50000
Bills receivable 130000
Bank deposit 100000

Mr. WIN INDIA Was Rs.5000 Bill.No.Ac75
Mr. COOL DREAM Was Rs.7000 Bill.No.AG085

Mr. FIVE STAR Ltd Rs.15000 Bill.NoAG076
Mr. LION MARK Ltd Rs.20000

Date Transactions
01-Apr Paid Telephone Charge Rs.2000 By Cheque [Vodafone] Ch.No.25131
02-Apr Amount Paid To Mr. Win India Was Rs.5000 Against Bill. No. AC075. Ch.No. 25132
03-Apr Commission Received By Cheque Rs.10000 Ch.No.75461
04-Apr 4 Month Salary Rs.10000 By Cheque Paid Ch.No.25133
05-Apr Amount Received M/r.Five Star Rs.15000 By Cheque Discount allowed Rs.750.Ch.No.42678
06-Apr Dividend Received Rs.29000 By Cheque .Ch.No.13555
10-Apr Paid Rent By Cheque Rs.4500 .Ch.No.25134
11-Apr/td> Amount Paid To Mr. Cool Dream Rs.7000 by Cheque Discount Received Rs.700 Ch.No.25135
15-Apr Electric Charge Paid Cheque .Rs.1500 Ch.No.25136
16-Apr Interest Received By Cheque Rs.2000 Ch.No.41596
17-Apr Amount Received Mr. Lion Mark Was Rs.19000 Discount Allowed Rs.1000 By Cheque Ch.No.89576
19-Apr Received Branch Income Rs. 25000 by Cheque .Ch.No. 89156
20-Apr Paid Trade Expenses By Cheque Rs.2500 Ch.No.25137
25-Apr Paid To General Expenses Rs.6000 Ch.No.25138
26-Apr Received House Rent Rs.3000 Ch.No.695472
27-Apr With Draw From Bank Rs.7000 Ch.No.25139
30-Apr Deposit To Bank Rs.9000