Pointer Handle Array Values in C

Use a pointer to an array, and then use that pointer to access the array elements.

Source Code

int main()
    int a[]={10,20,30,40,50};
    int *p;
    //{10,      20,     30,     40,     50}
    printf("\nSize of integer    : %d",sizeof(int)); //4
    printf("\nSize of a          : %d",sizeof(a));  //20
    printf("\nLength of a        : %d",sizeof(a)/sizeof(int));//5
    printf("\nAddress of A       : %d",&a);//6356712
    printf("\nValue  of P        : %d",p);//6356712
    printf("\nValue  of P        : %d",p);//6356716
    printf("\nValue  of *P       : %d",*p);//20
    printf("\nValue  of *++P        : %d",*++p);//30
    printf("\nValue  of ++*P        : %d",++*p);//31
    return 0;
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