Convert decimal to octal using One Dimensional Array in C

This program is about convert and print the given decimal value to octal number using for loops.

Source Code

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
/* This function converts the decimal number "decimalnum"
 * to the equivalent octal number
int decimalToOctal(int decimalnum)
   int octalnum = 0, temp = 1;
   while (decimalnum != 0)
   	 octalnum = octalnum + (decimalnum % 8) * temp;
   	 decimalnum = decimalnum / 8;
     temp = temp * 10;
   return octalnum;
int main()
  int decimalnum;
  printf("Enter a Decimal Number: ");
  scanf("%d", &decimalnum);
  printf("Equivalent Octal Number: %d", decimalToOctal(decimalnum));
  return 0;
To download raw file Click Here


Enter a Decimal Number: 436
Equivalent Octal Number: 664

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