Library Management in C

The mini-project “Library management system project in C” is a console application using the C programming language.

Source Code

A library charges a fine for every book returned late.
For first 5 days the fine is 50 paise,
for 6-10 days fine is one rupee and
above 10 days fine is 5 rupees.
If you return the book after 30 days your membership will be cancelled.
Write a program to accept the number of days the member is late to return
the book and display the fine or the appropriate message.
int main()
    int days;
    printf("\nEnter The Days : ");
    if(days>=1 && days<=5)
        printf("\nFine Amount  0.50 Paise");
    else if(days>=6 && days<=10)
        printf("\nFine Amount  1 Rupee");
    else if(days>=11 && days<=29)
        printf("\nFine Amount  5 Rupee");
        printf("\nmembership will be canceled");
    return 0;
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