No Return With Argument Function in C

When a function has arguments, it receive any data from the calling function but it returns no values.

        Syntax :
           Return_Type Function_Name ( Parameters ) // Function Definition
                 // body of Statement ;

        Example :
           void add ( int x , int y )
                 // body of Statement ;

Source Code

//No Return With Argument Function in C
//Function Declaration
void add(int,int);
int main()
    int a,b;
    printf("\nEnter The Value of A & B : ")l
    //Function Calling
    add(a,b);  // Actual Parameters
    return 0;
//Function Definition
void add(int x,int y)  //Formal Parameters
    int c;
    printf("\nTotal : %d",c);
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Enter The Value of A & B : 23

Total : 57

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