School Management in C

This example explain how to use logical operators in if statement. logical operators are used to perform logical operations of given expressions (relational expressions) or variables.

Source Code

School Result Management
1.Five Marks input through the keyboard
2.Find total and average of the given marks.
3.Find the result whether the given marks must be >=35
4.Grade as per the following condition.
    90-100 - A Grade
    80-89  - B Grade
    70-79  - C Grade
    <70    - D Grade
    Fail   - No Grade
int main()
    int m1,m2,m3,m4,m5,total;
    float avg;
    printf("\nEnter 5 Marks : \n");
    printf("\nTotal   : %d",total);
    printf("\nAverage : %f",avg);
        printf("\nResult  : Pass");
            printf("\nGrade   : A Grade");
        else if(avg>=80&&avg<=90)
            printf("\nGrade   : B Grade");
        else if(avg>=70&&avg<=79)
            printf("\nGrade   : C Grade");
            printf("\nGrade   : D Grade");
        printf("\nResult  : Fail");
        printf("\nGrade   : No Grade");
    return 0;
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