Local and Global Structure in C

You can define structure globally and locally. If the structure is global then it must be placed above all the functions, so that any function can use it. On the other hand, if a structure is defined inside a function then only that function can use the structure.

Source Code

//Local and Global Scope Structure in C Programming
struct student
    char *name;
    int age;
    float per;
void total()
   struct mark
       int m1,m2,m3;
   printf("\nMark-1        : %d",s.m1);
   printf("\nMark-2        : %d",s.m2);
   printf("\nMark-3        : %d",s.m3);
int main()
    struct student o;
    //struct mark x;
    o.name="Tutor Joes";
    printf("\nName        : %s",o.name);
    printf("\nAge         : %d",o.age);
    printf("\nPercent     : %f",o.per);
    return 0;
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