Preprocessor Directives in C

The C Preprocessor is not a part of the compiler, but is a separate step in the compilation process. In simple terms, a C Preprocessor is just a text substitution tool and it instructs the compiler to do required pre-processing before the actual compilation. We'll refer to the C Preprocessor as CPP.

Preprocessing directives are lines in your program that start with # . It must be the first nonblank character, and for readability, a preprocessor directive should begin in the first column.

Source Code

//Preprocessor Directives  in C Programming
#define LIMIT 5
#define MSG "Tutor Joes"
#define custom_message(a)\
printf("\n" #a " Welcome to our institution")
int main()
    for(int i=0;i<LIMIT;i++)
    custom_message("Ram Kumar");
    printf("\nFile Name  : %s",__FILE__);
    printf("\nTime       : %s",__TIME__);
    printf("\nLINE       : %d",__LINE__);
    return 0;


Tutor Joes
"Ram Kumar" Welcome to our institution
File Name  : C:\Users\tutor\Desktop\C_CLASS\01)Prepro.c
Time       : 15:24:48
LINE       : 21
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