Shortcut Keys

Ms-Word Shortcut Keys Shortcuts Why they do
1 Ctrl+B Make letters bold
2 Ctrl+I Make letters italic
3 Ctrl+U Make letters underlined
4 Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease font size one value
5 Ctrl+Shift+> Increase font size one value
6 Ctrl+[ Increase the font size by 1 point.
7 Ctrl+] Decrease the font size by 1 point.
8 Ctrl+Space Remove paragraph or character formatting.
9 Ctrl+C Copy the selected text or object
10 Ctrl+X Cut the selected text or object.
11 Ctrl+V Paste text or an object.
12 Ctrl+Alt+V Paste special
13 Ctrl+Shift+V Paste formatting only
14 Ctrl+Z Undo the last action.
15 Ctrl+Y Redo the last action.
16 Ctrl+Shift+G Open the Word Count dialog box.
17 Ctrl+N Create a new document.
18 Ctrl+O Open a document.
19 Ctrl+W Close a document.
20 Alt+Ctrl+S Split the document window.
21 Alt+Shift+C Remove the document window split.
22 Ctrl+S Save a document.
23 Ctrl+F Find text, formatting, and special items.
24 Alt+Ctrl+Y Repeat find (after closing Find and Replace window).
25 Ctrl+H Replace text, specific formatting, and special items.
26 Ctrl+G Go to option.
27 Alt+Ctrl+Z Switch between the last four places that you have edited.
28 Ctrl+Page Up Move to the previous location.
29 Ctrl+Page Down Move to the next location.
30 Ctrl+P(or)Alt+P Switch to Print Layout view.
31 Alt+Ctrl+O Switch to Outline view.
32 Alt+Ctrl+N Switch to Draft view.
33 Alt+Shift+Arrow Left Changing paragraph styles.
34 Alt+Shift+Arrow Right Remove paragraph styles.
35 Ctrl+Shift+N Changing body text styles.
36 Alt+Shift+Arrow Up Move selected paragraphs up.
37 Alt+Shift+Arrow Down Move selected paragraphs down.
38 Alt+Shift+L Show the first line of body text or all body text.
39 Alt+Shift+1 Show all headings with the Heading 1 style.
40 Alt+Shift+N Show all headings up to Heading n.
41 Ctrl+Tab Insert a tab character.
42 Ctrl+P Print a document.
43 Alt+Ctrl+I Switch in or out of print preview.
44 Page Up/Page Down Move by one preview page when zoomed out.
45 Ctrl+Home Move to the first page.
46 Ctrl+End Move to the last page.
47 Alt+Ctrl+M Insert a comment.
48 Ctrl+Shift+E Turn change tracking on or off.
49 Alt+Shift+C Close the Reviewing Pane if it is open.
50 Home Go to beginning of document.
51 End Go to end of document.
52 Esc Exit reading layout view.
53 Alt+Shift+O Mark a table of contents entry.
54 Alt+Shift+I Mark a table of authorities entry (citation).
55 Alt+Shift+X Mark an index entry.
56 Alt+Ctrl+F Insert a footnote.
57 Alt+Ctrl+D Insert an endnote.
58 Ctrl+K Insert a hyperlink.
59 Backspace Delete one character to the left.
60 Ctrl+Backspace Delete one word to the left.
61 Delete Delete one character to the right.
62 Ctrl+Delete Delete one word to the right.
63 Shift+f10 Display the shortcut menu that is associated with it.
64 Ctrl+F9 A field {}
65 Shift+Enter A line break
66 Ctrl+Enter A page break
67 Ctrl+Shift+Enter A column break
68 Shift+Arrow Right Extend a selection one character to the right.
69 Shift+Arrow Left Extend a selection one character to the left.
70 Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Right Extend a selection to the end of a word.
71 Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Left Extend a selection to the beginning of a word.
72 Shift+End Extend a selection to the end of a line.
73 Shift+Home Extend a selection to the beginning of a line.
74 Shift+Arrow Down Extend a selection one line down.
75 Shift+Arrow Up Extend a selection one line up.
76 Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down Extend a selection to the end of a paragraph.
77 Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up Extend a selection to the beginning of a paragraph.
78 Shift+Page Down Extend a selection one screen down.
79 Shift+Page Up Extend a selection one screen up.
80 Ctrl+Shift+Home Extend a selection to the beginning of a document.
81 Ctrl+Shift+End Extend a selection to the end of a document.
82 Ctrl+A Extend a selection to include the entire document.
83 Ctrl+Shift+C Copy formatting from text.
84 Ctrl+Shift+V Apply copied formatting to text.
85 Ctrl+D Opens the Font dialog box.
86 Shift+F3 Change the case of letters.
87 Ctrl+Shift+A Format all letters as capitals.
88 Ctrl+Shift+W Underline words but not spaces.
89 Ctrl+Shift+D Double-underline text.
90 Ctrl+Shift+H Apply hidden text formatting.
91 Ctrl+Shift+K Format letters as small capitals.
92 Ctrl+= Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing).
93 Ctrl+Shift+[+ (Plus Sign) Apply superscript formatting (automatic spacing).
94 Ctrl+Space Remove manual character formatting.
95 Ctrl+Shift+Q Change the selection to the Symbol font.
96 Ctrl+1 Single-space lines.
97 Ctrl+2 Double-space lines.
98 Ctrl+5 Set 1.5-line spacing.
99 Ctrl+0 (zero) Add or remove one line space preceding a paragraph.
100 Ctrl+E Centered and left-aligned.
101 Ctrl+J Justified and left-aligned.
102 Ctrl+R Right-aligned and left-aligned.
103 Ctrl+L Left align a paragraph.
104 F1 Get Help or visit Microsoft Office Online.
105 F2 Move text or graphics.
106 F4 Repeat the last action.
107 F5 Choose the Go To command (Home tab).
108 F8 Extend a selection.
109 F7 Choose the Spelling command (Review tab).
110 F11 Go to the next field.
111 F12 Choose the Save As command (Microsoft Office Button ).
112 Alt+Shift+K Preview a mail merge.
113 Alt+Shift+E Edit a mail-merge data document.
114 Alt+Shift+F Insert a merge field.
115 Alt+F4 Exit Office Word.
116 Ctrl+Alt+R Mark ®
117 Ctrl + Alt + T Mark ™
118 Ctrl + Alt + C Mark ©
119 Ctrl+F1 Hide or show the ribbion
120 Alt+F8 Run a macro.
121 Alt+f10 Maximize the program window.