Shortcut Keys

Ms-Powerpoint Shortcut Keys Shortcuts Why they do
1 Ctrl+Shift+F Change font
2 Ctrl+Shift+P Change Foint Size
3 Ctrl+Shift+> Increase Font Size
4 Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease Font Size
5 Ctrl+B Bold
6 Ctrl+U Underline
7 Ctrl+I Italic
8 Alt+Ctrl+Shift+> Superscript
9 Alt+Ctrl+Shift+< Subscript
10 Ctrl+Y Redo
11 F7 Spelling Checker
12 Ctrl+E Center Paragraph
13 Ctrl+J Justified Paragraph
14 Ctrl+L Left-Aligned Paragraph
15 Ctrl+R Right-Aligned Paragraph
16 Shift+F3 Change Case
17 Ctrl+K Create Hyperlink
18 Backspace Delete Character Left
19 Ctrl+Backspace Delete Word Left
20 Delete Delete Character Right
21 Ctrl+Delete Delete Word Right
22 Ctrl+X Cut
23 Ctrl+C Copy
24 Ctrl+V Paste
25 Ctrl+Z Undo
26 Alt+F4 Close The Help Window.
28 Left Arrow Character Left
29 Right Arrow Character Right
30 Up Arrow Line Up
31 Down Arrow Line Down
32 Ctrl+Left Arrow Word Left
32 Ctrl+Right Arrow Word Right
33 End End of Line
34 Home Beginning of Line
35 Ctrl+Up Arrow Paragraph Up
36 Ctrl+Down Arrow Paragraph Down
37 Ctrl+End End of Text Block
38 Ctrl+Home Start of Text Block
39 Ctrl+N New Presentation
40 Ctrl+O, Ctrl+F12 Open a Presentation
41 Ctrl+S, F12 Save
42 F12 Save As
43 Ctrl+P Print
44 Ctrl+F Find
45 Ctrl+H Replace
46 Ctrl+M New Slide (menu)
47 Shift+Ctrl+M New Slide like last one, no menu
48 Ctrl+Q Or Alt F4 Exit/Quit
49 Ctrl+Enter Move from Title to Text
50 Shift+F4 Repeat The Last Find Action.
51 Alt+H, F, O Open The Clipboard
52 Ctrl+F1 Hide Or Show The Ribbon.
53 Alt+F5 Size Presentation Window (Un-Maximize)
54 Alt+F10 Maximize Application Window
55 Ctrl+F10 Maximize Presentation Window
56 Ctrl+F5 Restore Presentation Window to Previous Size
57 Shift+F9 Show Or Hide The Grid.
58 F1 Help
59 Alt+F9 Show Or Hide Guides.
60 Shift+F10 Right Mouse Click without Mouse
61 Alt+F11 Bring up Visual Basic Editor
62 Alt+F8 Macro Recorder
63 Ctrl+Alt+V Paste special
64 Ctrl+T Open The Font Dialog Box.
65 Tab To Previous Object
66 Shift+Tab To Next Object
67 Ctrl+Alt+Click (Using Curve Tool) Make Straight Segment while Using Curve Tool
68 Ctrl+A To select all
69 Ctrl+D Create a Duplicate Object
70 Alt+Shift+Arrow Left Changing paragraph styles.
71 Alt+Shift+Arrow Right Remove paragraph styles
72 Alt+Shift+Up Arrow Move Selected Paragraphs Up
73 Alt+Shift+Down Arrow Move Selected Paragraphs Down
74 Alt Temporarily Release Grid/Guide Snap
75 Shift+F9 Gridlines
76 F5 Slideshow
77 Enter New slide
78 End End slide
79 Ctrl+Mouse drag Changing object direction