Html Tages

S.no Shortcuts Why they do
1 <html> Main container
2 <head> The document header
3 <title> The document title
4 <base> Base URI to solve relative URIs
5 <link> Relational information for documents
6 <meta> Variable for the document
7 <style> Presentational attributes
8 <body> The document body
9 <article> Distributable content
10 <section> Defines a section
11 <nav> Navigational section
12 <aside> Content only slightly related
13 <h1> A level 1 heading
14 <h2> A level 2 heading
15 <h3> A level 3 heading
16 <h4> A level 4 heading
17 <h5> A level 5 heading
18 <h6> A level 6 heading
19 <hgroup> Groups consecutive headings
20 <header> The header of a section
21 <footer> The footer of a section
22 <address> Author’s contact information
23 <p> Paragraph
24 <hr> Content separator
25 <pre> Preformatted text block
26 <blockquote> Block level quotation
27 <ol> Ordered list
28 <ul> Unordered list
29 <li> List item
30 <dl> Description list
31 <dt> Term in a description list
32 <dd> Description in a description list
33 <figure> Self-contained information
34 <figcaption> Caption for a figure
35 <main> Main content of a section
36 <div> Generic container for blocks of text
37 <a> Hyperlink
38 <em> Text with emphasis
39 <strong> Text with strong emphasis
40 <small> Side commment
41 <s> Content no longer accurate or relevant
42 <cite> Citation or reference
43 <q> Inline quotation
44 <dfn> Term defined in the surrounding text
45 <abbr> Abbreviated term
46 <ruby> Ruby annotated text
47 <rt> Ruby annotation
48 <rp> Text to be ignored in ruby
49 <data> Machine-readable information
50 <time> Date and/or time
51 <code> Computer code
52 <var> Instance of a variable
53 <samp> A program’s sample output
54 <kbd> Text entered by users
55 <sub> Texto en subíndice
56 <sup> Texto en superíndice
57 <i> Text offset from the normal prose
58 <b> Text offset from its surrounding content
59 <u> Non-textual annotations
60 <mark> Marks text in another document
61 <bdi> Isolates text for bidirectional formatting
62 <bdo> Overrides the bidirectional algorithm
63 <span> Generic container for runs of text
64 <br> Line break
65 <wbr> Line break opportunity
66 <ins> Added text
67 <del> Deleted text
68 <picture> Multi-source image
69 <img> Image
70 <iframe> Nested browsing context
71 <embed> Inserts external applications
72 <object> Inserts external applications
73 <param> Parameter for an external application
74 <video> Video
75 <audio> Audio
76 <source> Alternative media resource
77 <track> Text tracks for videos
78 <map> Client-side image map
79 <area> Sector in an image map
80 <table> Table
81 <caption> The caption of a table
82 <colgroup> Group of columns
83 <col> Sets attributes for columns
84 <tbody> The body of the table
85 <thead> The header of the table
86 <tfoot> The footer of the table
87 <tr> Row
88 <td> Regular cell
89 <th> Header cell
90 <form> Form
91 <label> Label for a control
92 <input> Input control
93 <button> Button
94 <select> List of options
95 <datalist> Suggestions for controls
96 <optgroup> Group of options in a list
97 <option> An option in list
98 <textarea> Multi-line text input
99 <keygen> Key pair generation control
100 <output> The output of a process
101 <progress> A task’s completion progress
102 <meter> A measurement
103 <fieldset> Group of controls
104 <legend> The caption of a group of controls
105 <details> Collapsable content
106 <summary> A summary for collapsable content
107 <menu> Menu
108 <menuitem> An item in a menu
109 <dialog> Dialog box
110 <script> Embeds scripts
111 <noscript> Alternative content for scripts
112 <template> Plantilla para información a agregar
113 <canvas> Container for dynamic bitmap graphics