Shortcut Keys

Tally Shortcut Keys Shortcuts Why they do
1 ALT + D To delete a voucher / To delete a master
2 ALT + E To export the report in ASCII, HTML OR XML format
3 Alt + Enter To view the Voucher display
4 ALT + F1 Create company
5 ALT + F10 To select the Physical Stock Voucher Type
6 ALT + F12 To filter the information based on monetary value
7 ALT + F2 To change the period
8 ALT + F3 To select the company info menu
9 ALT + F4 To select the Purchase Order Voucher
10 ALT + F5 To select the Sales Order Voucher
11 ALT + F6 To select the Rejection Out Voucher
12 ALT + F7 To select the Stock Journal Voucher
13 ALT + F8 To select the Delivery Note Voucher
14 ALT + F9 To select the Receipt Note Voucher Type
15 ALT + I To insert a voucher (To toggle between Item and Accounting invoice)
16 ALT + K To select the Keyboard Configuration
17 ALT + L To select the Language Configuration
18 ALT + M To Email the report
19 ALT + N To view the report in automatic columns
20 ALT + O To upload the report at your website
21 ALT + P To print the report
22 ALT + R To remove a line in a report
23 Alt + S To view Stock Query report
24 ALT + S To bring back a line you removed using ALT + R
25 ALT + U To retrieve the last line which is deleted using Alt + R
26 ALT + W To view the Tally Web browser
27 ALT + X To cancel a voucher in Day Book/List of Vouchers
28 ALT+ V From Invoice screen to bring Stock Journal screen
29 CTRL + A To accept a form
30 CTRL + ALT + B To check the Company Statutory details
31 Ctrl + Alt + I To import statutory masters
32 CTRL + Alt + R Rewrite data for a Company
33 CTRL + B To select the Budget
34 CTRL + C To select the Cost Centre,To select the Cost Category
35 CTRL + C To select the Cost Centre / To select the Cost Category
36 Ctrl + F1 To select payroll vouchers for alteration
37 Ctrl + F10 To select the Memorandum voucher
38 CTRL + G To select the Group
39 CTRL + G To select the Group
40 CTRL + H To view the Support Centre
41 CTRL + I To select the Stock Items
42 CTRL + K To login to Control Centre
43 CTRL + L To select the Ledger / To mark a Voucher as Optional
44 CTRL + M Open calculator
45 CTRL + N Close calculator
46 CTRL + O To select the Godown
47 CTRL + S Allows you to alter Stock Item master
48 CTRL + U To select the Units
49 CTRL + V To select the Voucher Types
50 CTRL+ E To select the Currencies
51 CTRL+F8 To select the Credit Note voucher
52 CTRL+F9 To select the Debit Note voucher
53 F10 To select the Reversing Journal voucher
54 F11 To select the Functions and Features screen
55 F12 To select the Configure screen
56 F2 To change the current date
57 F4 To select the Contra voucher
58 F5 To select the Payment voucher
59 F6 To select the Receipt voucher
60 F7 To select the Journal voucher
61 F8 To select the Sales voucher
62 F9 To select the Purchase voucher
63 Enter To accept anything you type into a field