Shortcut Keys

Ms-Excel Shortcut Keys Shortcuts Why they do
1 Ctrl+X Cut cell(s) and text
2 Ctrl+C Copy cell(s) and text
3 Ctrl+V Paste cell(s) and text
4 Ctrl+Alt+V Open Paste Special Menu.
5 Ctrl+Alt+V, then V, Enter Paste Values
6 Ctrl+Alt+V, then T, Enter Paste Formats
7 Ctrl+Alt+V, then E, Enter Paste Transposed
8 Ctrl+Alt+V, then W, Enter Paste Column Width
9 Ctrl+Alt+V, then U, Enter Paste Values and Number Formats
10 F3 Paste a defined name into a formula
11 Ctrl+B Apply/ remove bold format
12 Ctrl+I Apply/ remove italic format
13 Ctrl+U Apply/ remove underline format
14 Ctrl+5 Apply/ remove strikethrough formatting
15 Alt+H, AL Align Left
16 Alt+H, AR Align Right
17 Alt+H, AC Align Center
18 Alt+H, AT Align Top
19 Alt+H, AM Align Middle
20 Alt+H, AB Align Bottom
21 Alt+H, W Wrap or unwrap text (Home - Wrap Text)
22 Alt+H, MM Merge cells - Merge
23 Alt+H, MU Merge - Unmerge
24 Alt+H, MC Merge and Center
25 Alt+H, MA Merge Across (merge all columns, but not rows)
26 Alt+H, BM Home - Border - Menu; technically it says 'more'.
27 Ctrl+Shift+& Add outline borders from cell or selection
28 Ctrl+Shift+- Remove outline borders from cell or selection
29 = Start a formula
30 Alt+= Insert the AutoSum formula
31 Ctrl+A with formula present Edit formula in formula Bar
32 Ctrl+Shift+U Expand/ collapse formula bar
33 Shift+F3 with empty cell Display the 'insert function; dialog box
34 Shift+F3 with formula present Edit arguments of formula at cursor position
35 Alt+H,FD, U Select all Formulas (Home - Find - Formulas
36 Ctrl+~ This will automatically extend all column widths.
37 Ctrl+O Open file via standard open dialog box
38 Alt+F, O File Open via Excel file manager
39 Ctrl+S Save File with current file name
40 F12 Save file as via standard save dialog box
41 Alt+F, A File Save as via Excel file manager
42 Alt+F, A, K File Save to OneDrive Link
43 Escape Exit open/ save menu
44 Ctrl+P Print.
45 Alt+F, P Open File Print menu
46 Ctrl+Page Down/Page Up Move to the next/ previous worksheet.
47 Alt+H, IS Insert worksheet (Home - Insert Sheet)
48 Alt+H, DS Delete worksheet Home - Delete Sheet
49 Alt+H, OR Rename worksheet (Home - Format - Rename)
50 Alt+H, OM Move worksheet (Home - Format - Move worksheet)
51 Alt+H, OT Worksheet tab color (Home - Format - Tab color)
52 Ctrl+9 Hide selected rows
53 Ctrl+Shift+9 Unhide hidden rows within the selection
54 Ctrl+0 Hide selected columns
55 Alt+WS Split or unsplit Worksheet at current position
56 Alt+HO Home - Format Worksheet
57 A Autofit row height
58 W Set column Width
59 I Autofit column width.
60 D Set Default width.
61 Tab/Shift+Tab Move active cell right/ left in selection
62 Enter/Shift+Enter Move active cell down/ up in selection
63 Shift+Backspace Select only active cell when multiple cells are selected
64 Ctrl+K Insert or edit hyperlink.
65 Shift+F2 Insert/ edit a cell comment
66 Ctrl+Shift+O Select all cells with comments
67 Ctrl+T Create auto Table from selection
68 Shift+Space Select table column
69 Ctrl+Space Select table row
70 Ctrl+F1 Minimize/ restore Excel ribbons
71 Tab/Shift+Tab Move to the next/ previous field which can be edited
72 Enter/Shift+Enter Move to the first field in the next/ previous record
73 Page Down/Page Up Move to the same field 10 records forward/ back
74 Ctrl+Page Down Move to a new record
75 Ctrl+Page Up Move to the first record
76 Home/End Move to the beginning/ end of a field
77 Shift+F7 Display the thesaurus dialog box
78 F7 Display the spelling dialog box
79 Alt+F, IE File Info Enable Editing.
80 Alt+F4 Close Excel
81 F1 Help
82 Alt+' Style dialog box
83 Ctrl+F3 Define a name or dialog
84 Ctrl+Shift+F3 Create names from row and column labels
85 Alt+F1 Create and insert chart with data in selected range.
86 F11 Create a chart in a selected range in a separate Chart Sheet
87 Alt+F11 Open VBA editor window
88 Ctrl+F6 Scroll between open workbooks
89 Alt+F8 Display macro dialog box
90 Alt+ASCII Code Enter ASCII code, e.g. Alt+0169 inserts © Symbol
91 Ctrl+z Undo
92 Ctrl+y Redo
93 Alt+Shift+Arrow Right Group rows or columns
94 Alt+Shift+Arrow Left Ungroup rows or columns
95 Ctrl+B Bold
96 Ctrl+I Italic
97 Ctrl+U Underline
98 Alt+H,B,A All borders
99 Alt+H,FD,F Find
100 Alt+H,FD,R Replace
101 Alt+N,P To insert picture
102 Alt+N,X To draw textbox